Winter trends - Rose Gold is back!

Rose gold has been a popular trend in equestrian fashion for a while now, so its no surprise that this winter, it has reared its glossy head again!

But is it just me or is there a very fine line with rose gold between it looking really classy or pure tack??

Not horse tack but, eughhh tacky tack!

And you know what? If glitter is your thing then you go for it, this is your time to shine.

And I am here for you!

I have found some bits that will make you want to scream inside and live your most sparkly extra life!! So get your xmas wish list ready, I'm coming back to you!

But to begin with, I'm going to show you a few bits that are a little bit more understated for the more reserved of us, so bare with me..

So the first brand who I think have done the rose gold equestrian fashion trend right this year is..

1.) Samshield

OK I know, SHOCK HORROR, she likes more stuff from Samshield..

And I promise you, I'll keep this one short for the sake of not repeating myself!

(ps. I am in no way in affiliation with Samshield I just apparently bum everything they release atm!)

But, in my opinion, they really have got you covered this season when it comes to rose gold detailing.

If you are looking for a subtle daily look, check out their Adele Breeches, Chamonix VI Gilet or their stunning Courchevel IV Jacket which I shared with you in my 5 Equestrian winter wardrobe must haves.

You can check that out here.

(but come back to me after because I'm by no means done here!)

These items have just the most stunning rose gold detailing in their zips, buttons and logos that keep it perfectly subtle and classy with just a hint of glam.

Perfect no?!

If you want to have a bit of bling in the show ring you should take a look at their Louise Smocking Jacket. It is available in Black or Navy and again has the most gorgeous little hints of rose gold. Also have a look at their Sophia Show Shirt in White with rose gold crystals on the collar, Its a beauty!

Remember I promised you FULL BLING...


Check out the Miss Shield Riding Hat with Rose Gold Crystal Fabric, it's everything you could possibly want and more... that's all I have to say on the matter!!

But while your at it, you may as well grab yourself a pair of the Samshield Crystal Gloves with their logo in rose gold Swarovski crystals...

I know!!

Have a look at all the products mentioned here -

2.) Lord and Lady Equestrian Winter Baselayer -

Now this is such an exciting new equestrian fashion brand that has really taken off recently with their stunning show shirts that are all manufactured in the UK.

Their show shirts are beautifully well made and feature stunning rose gold details in the zip and logo on some of their shirts.

But what I wanted to talk about was their gorgeous base layers.

Over the weekend they launched a limited edition winter baselayer made from a thermal fabric, available in light and dark grey marl, again with the sophisticated rose gold zipper and logo.

It's a beauty.

So much so that I think its crashed their website....

I've been trying to get on their website today to buy one and I cant..

So I kind of wanted to not mention it to give myself half a chance of getting my hands on one... but what can I say...

I'm too nice!


3.) Equus

OK so Equus is an online retailer not a brand,


They do have you covered for all things rose gold.... and I mean ALL THINGS!!!

Here are a few of my favourite bits -

Charles Owen AyrBrush Pinstripe Riding Hat - From £249.95

I LIVE in my Charles Owen Ayr8 hat, for me, you can't beat them for comfort and overall fit.

I love the leather and the subtle rose gold piping and logo.

Most importantly, all Charles Owen hats are up to date with all current safety standards.

(On that note, as an ex hat fitter I would have heart palpitations if I don't mention that not all hats fit all head shapes, and if it doesn't fit properly, it's not going to protect your head so do be sure to get the right fit..)

Equus have a great Charles Owen hat fitting guide on their website - check it out here.

HKM Rose Gold Grooming Box - £40

I love this super stylish grooming box from HKM.

Unlike a lot of grooming boxes, it looks really sturdy and is plenty big enough to store all of your grooming products in.

I think if it were me I'd keep this one in the truck for shows to save it for best, although it is easy to wipe clean.

It's such a bargain too for only £40.

This is such a goodie to add to your xmas list.. Who needs a stocking when you could have a tack box?!

HY Equestrian Clothing - From £32

This brand is so affordable and have surely upped their game here with the Kensington Range.

Its a gorgeous small collection of equestrian clothing all with subtle rose gold detailing.

I personally love the Long Sleeved Baselayer and the Full Seat Silicone Breeches. They are available in Navy and Grey and is priced from £32-£90.

Please note, I am part of the Equus Affiliate programme so I do earn a small commission if you decide to buy anything I have shown you, this is not at any additional cost to you and I am only showing you the items that I personally love and think you would like too!!

So that's it..

Let me know what your favourite rose gold product is in the comments section below?

Are you tempted to add anything to your xmas list?!

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