Equestrian Photography - spending the day with Hope Deamer

Last month, I had the pleasure of inviting the talented Hope Deamer Photography over to the yard for a photo shoot day. She is a Hampshire based young photographer who specialises in commercial and portraiture shoots as well as equestrian photography.

You can find out more about Hope here,

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Hope Deamer equestrian photography
Hope Deamer getting to know one of her equestrian muses!

So here's how the day went..

We had arranged a weekend for Hope to come down, and luckily, the weather was relatively onside! We ended up with an amazing group of girls who wanted to join in with the shoot, which meant that Hope ended up having to come back the following day to fit everyone in!

She was so happy to accommodate everyone and really made the effort to ensure that everyone, from the kids to the adults, had a great experience.

We all ended up having such a lovely day, Hope is such a warm and laid back character that everyone became immediately more comfortable and ended up having so much fun with it.

I would definitely recommend having Hope out to the yard and making the day of it, you will have a great time with your yard family, and come away with some amazing images and memories.

My shoot

Now firstly,

I need to point out that I am a complete Chandler Bing when it comes to someone pointing a camera at me, so had VERY low expectations for liking any of my pictures...

And don't get me wrong, Hope did kindly send me a blooper reel of me pulling the most awful, awkward faces, so there was clearly a lot of unusable footage...

Which I may show you some say if I get brave!


there were so many beautiful photos in the album that I couldn't have been happier with it.

I now have an endless list of images I can use to spam my Instagram page with!

Here are a few of my favourite photos from my shoot -

The shoot took around 2 hours, as I wanted ridden photos as well. We ended up shooting in 4-5 different locations around the yard and I ended up with an album of well over 100 beautifully edited images that I think really capture Islas personality and that I will certainly treasure forever.

Hopes expertise, love for horses and eye for a stunning photo is obvious in every image.

A bit more about Hope Deamer Photography

A keen horse woman herself, having ridden her whole life. Hope decided very early on that she wanted to combine her 2 main passions, horses and photography.

After graduating with a degree in photography from Falmouth University, Hope went on to be the photographer for Horse Scout, gaining experience at events such as Badminton and the Longines London GCT as well as brand specific photography.

Now starting up on her own, Hope is able to offer all levels of equestrian photography from individual portraits, events photography, and commercial photography.

Find out a bit more about Hope on my Partners Page.

Get in touch with Hope on -

Facebook - @hopedeamerphotography

Instagram- @hopedeamerphotography

Website -

Working with Hope in the future

I am so excited for this new partnership between Hope Deamer Photography and Killer Queen Showjumping.


- I love that I can share with you someone who I personally think is fantastic.

- I love supporting mega talented small businesses.

- I love being able to give you guys cheeky discounts on things I love!

- And look, I'm going to keep it real with you, I get some amazing photos of my beloved horse in exchange for giving Hope a shout out, so its very worthwhile for me even though I would happily praise her to high heaven regardless!

On this note,

I want to point out that I will only ever blog about people and companies that I personally use and therefore would be happy to recommend.

Sometimes, like in this instance I will be in partnership with the company so it does benefit me to promote them, however, I will always let you know if this is the case.

Other times, I will just be reviewing stuff that I like that I want to share with you!!


Boring stuff over with!

I will be keeping you updates with any offers and further discounts that Hope offers, and I'll try and get the woman herself to guest post to give you an insight into the world of equestrian photography.

In the mean time,

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