5 Equestrian winter wardrobe must haves..

I don't know about you..

But as soon as October hits, the weather takes a turn for the worse, I have a two-week long argument with my other half about when its acceptable to get the heating on (Which is not by the way!) and I start panicking about my winter wardrobe and realise that I have absolutely nothing winter worthy to wear up the yard.

I do absolutely have plenty of winter worthy clothes to wear to the yard, but they are all the way up in my roof.. and you know...

Out of sight out of mind!

And you can never have enough winter jackets..


In light of this, I have decided to take it upon myself to search for the best (in my opinion) items that you most definitely need to add to your winter wardrobe this season..

Your welcome!

My top 5 winter faves for this year...

1) Samshield Courchevel IV Jacket -

Available in Black/Rose Gold, Navy/Rose Gold or Aubergine/Rose Gold - RRP £175

OK how beautiful is this?! Its down-filled so super cosy without being mega bulky (because who wants to ride around looking like the Michelin man?) the hood is detachable, and so is the faux fur trim so its easy to wash, and its plenty smart enough to wear to a show.

I think its a win!

My main problem with this is how do you pick a colour?! I thought I would be a definite black, but the more I look at the Aubergine I just want it.. send help!

Downsides - OK so its not waterproof.. so that does rule out wearing it for 90% of the winter in the rain.. but the rest of the time you'll just look like a snug goddess soooo...

I think price wise it's pretty reasonable and for the quality, I don't think you can complain, however, I did see this similar alternative from HV Polo.

HV polo winter jacket

It is available in this lovely plum colour, is water-resistant and

is currently reduced from £148.95 to £79.95 on Trendy Equine.

Which do you prefer?

2) Lemieux Drytex Waterproof Breeches

Available in Taupe, Navy, and Black - RRP £99.95

These are an absolute no brainer if you ask me!

They are made from breathable yet durable material with a unique membrane so that the rain simply beads and runs off and are fleece-lined for extra warmth.

I have a couple of pairs of their Amara breeches which are identical to these (other then the waterproof properties I guess) and they are by far the most comfortable breeches I own.

Assuming the fact that these waterproof breeches are the same price as the non-waterproof, I'm a bit hurt that I didn't just get these now...

Price-wise, I don't think you can argue with that as it's a fair price for such good quality breeches, and did I mention... they are WATERPROOF!

I also noticed that a couple of shops have 5% off these at the moment so definitely shop around..

Every little helps!

3) Roeckl Madrid Function Micro-Mesh / Drytec riding gloves.

Available in Grey, White, Navy Blue, Mocha, Black, Black / Red, Black / Gold - RRP £35.99

This is such a functional glove, made specifically for grip, comfort and breathability, with touchscreen compatibility.

Is there anything worse then your phone going off in your pocket, whilst on a fresh horse on a cold morning? Trying to not die whilst getting your phone out and whipping a hand out your glove to stop the ringing that set the beast off in the first place?!


Honestly, non-touch screen friendly riding gloves are a HAZARD!

Also, as a notorious glove hater (I don't like the feel of it!) and someone who will let frost-bite kick in before digging my gloves out, the Roeckl gloves have been a Godsend. They are super lightweight and don't feel bulky to ride in so are an absolute go to for me.



4) Ariat Gridwork 1/4 Zip Baselayer.

Available in Sleet / Navy and Blue Dawn - RRP £45

There are so many choices for base layers these days its so hard to pick one.. I liked the look of this one with the 3/4 zip as I thought you could also size up and wear something underneath.

Thumb holes are a great feature for me too.

Is there anything worse than sticking your coat on and loosing your sleeve?!

The Ariat Gridwork 1/4 Zip Baselayer is a fantastic layering piece providing instant lightweight warmth. Engineered to keep you dry and comfortable this top is great year-round but especially in cold weather. Structured for an amazing fit and made from moisture wicking materials.

5) Aztec Diamond Accessories

All available in Black and Grey.

Beanie Hat - RRP £20

Headband - RRP £15

Scarf - RRP £25

You didn't think I could do an equestrian fashion post with out something from AD did you?!

However easy and timesaving it would have been to simply insert a link to their full brochure in here and be done with it, I decided to try and give you a bit of variety!

I couldn't however, pick just one item..

So have a sexy AD accessory bundle instead!!

I love the quality of these products and the little branding details just finish every piece off perfectly. Not to mention how affordable these bits are!

Just sat here debating if I could get away with buying all of these bits and wrapping them up as a xmas present from me to me?

So there you have it...

My top 5 winter wardrobe must haves.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed window shopping for horsey bits!!

The temptation to buy everything really hurts... BUT Christmas is coming sooooo... make sure any bits you like go onto a list!

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