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So this is probably going to be a really awkward intro, I'm so useless at talking about myself...

I'm Kat, I'm a show jumper from the south coast of the UK. Having ridden professionally for several years before taking a long break, I am now just getting back into the swing of things with my lovely homebred 4-year-old mare Isla....

A bit of background info..

I was a late starter to riding, only starting around 12, but by 16 I was hooked, and left school to work as a groom.

I had the time of my life working for different riders and 

grooming at some amazing shows, riding, drinking,

shoveling shit, etc #groomslife before setting up at home on my own. I had a successful livery yard, competing producing youngsters through to older horses, then in 2017, I decided to go and get an office job and just have the horses for fun. 

Which I guess leads us to now! I have the one horse, Isla, my lovely homebred mare who I'm planning on producing back through the levels of showjumping.

This, blog will follow our progress, share some tips and possibly a few funny stories from my time in the industry, product reviews, fashion, equestrian lifestyle, and basically anything else I fancy writing about! 

I hope you enjoying reading my blogs and I would love to hear from you if you have had any similar experiences, stories, or if there is anything you'd like me to write about!

(Turns out I can blab on about myself pretty well after all!!)

xx Kat xx

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